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Buylist Instructions

  • All cards that we purchase are labeled NM by default.
  • If the cards you wish to sell are of lower quality than NM, Phoenix Fire Games will still purchase the singles as long as they are on our buylist.
  • We will grade the cards upon their arrival, and respond to you with an e-mail about our grades and final buy order price. 
  • When bringing the order in person, please understand that we want to properly grade and receive your order to ensure the conditions are recorded correctly and the appropriate compensation is offered. Some times this might mean waiting patiently until we have finished helping other customers in line who are checking out, receiving deliveries, or other tasks we need to complete.
  • You have 72 hours to respond to our buy offer. If there is no response Phoenix Fire Games will process the order at our offered grades.
  • Un-Received buy orders will be cancelled after 7 days so please be sure to mail them out promptly after creating the order! An email will be sent out after 5 days to remind you to ship the items unless we receive them before then. Grading standards: NM = Mint/Near Mint, no scratches, no white showing on borders LP = Light Play, some minor scratches, slight white on borders MP = Moderate Play, scratches, fair amount of white on borders or slight bend in card HP = Heavy Play, faded borders, bends or wrinkles, small nicks DM = Damaged, water damage, creases, tears, heavy fading etc

To sell us cards:

  • Click on Buy list
  • Search for cards in the top navigation search
  • Click on the “sell” button on cards you wish to sell us.
  • After you have finished adding all the cards click on the shopping cart icon on the top navigation bar and click “check out”
  • Follow the check out instructions
  • Please wait before bringing in or mailing the order until you receive an approval email from us to do so. Any order above $100 for cash/check or $200 for store credit must be approved by a manager.
  • After an order has been created package your cards securely and send or bring them to:
    44 E Fairview Ave, Meridian, ID 83642